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KORKOM HMI Universitas Muslim Indonesia

Tentang HMI

Recent and Upcoming Events

Halaman ini akan memberikan informasi singkat tentang Koordinator Komisariat Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam Universitas Muslim Indonesia

Komisariat :

  1. Komisariat Kedokteran
  2. Komisariat Ekonomi
  3. Komisariat Teknik
  4. Komisariat Hukum
  5. Komisariat Teknologi Industri
  6. Komisariat Pertanian
  7. Komisariat USTS
  8. Komisariat Persiapan Farmasi
  9. Komisariat Persiapan Kesehatan Masyarakat

Marg Williams

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Marg Williams is our programs coordinator. She loves the outdoors and likes to vacation in Yosemite National Park.

Program Kerja

If we offer programs or services, we'll include a list of them here.

Our Location

We'll put our address and directions to our office here. We might also include a map.

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